Alternative Immune Support

In order to restore the body to optimal health, the Body Code focuses on identifying and clearing the underlying negative energy that is hindering the body's natural ability to heal itself. How does this relate to your immune system? Your immune system is made up of a...

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How To Release Trapped Emotions

Many people have a "love/hate" relationships with their emotions. They love the great feelings of bliss, joy, and happiness, but they get overwhelmed when a negative emotion surfaces thus the "love/hate." This post is to serve as a light of hope for those that...

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Everything Is Energy

Energy healing techniques: Science has discovered that everything on this planet and beyond is made up of energy. Research has also shown that the vibration of your energy field directly influences your health and well-being. Below is a video based on Dr. Emoto's...

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Stuck Emotions

In Everything is Energy, you saw how emotions affect water and our energetic make up. Now it's time to talk about trapped emotions, how they get lodged in your energy field and the impact that has on you. Stuck emotions are pure energy that vibrate at negative/lower...

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Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox to help you align with your goals. They are versatile and can be used for everything from building confidence to creating flourishing relationships. Why are they so powerful? They can make you an...

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When Life Falls Apart

Do you ever feel like you are on a roll and great things are happening in your life... and then you have days that it all just falls apart? You're not alone. When you’re consciously creating, you actively seek to make a positive difference in your life.  You create a...

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Top 5 Ways Emotions Get Stuck

The most common ways negative emotions get stuck in your energy field are simply because they were ignored and resisted. Many that learn the Law of Attraction fear they will create negative experiences if they allow negative emotions and they inadvertently stuff them...

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4 Ways Stuck Emotions Prevent Your Success

You've discovered how debilitating stuck negative emotions can be and how they hold you back in life. Now it's time to learn how they undermine your business performance. _________ How stuck negative emotions prevent success: 1) Your Vibration Lowers and You Attract...

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Is your heart wall blocked?

14 out of 15 people have a wall around their heart. This may sound strange, but the reality is that most people experience some sort of emotional trauma throughout their lives and to protect themselves they subconsciously put up an energetic wall around their heart....

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